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 It used to be a joke in my family that I had gypsy blood - from being a tiny tot I was always dreaming of visiting far-off places. I was born in Lancashire, England, lived in Cambridge & Bedford before emigrating to Canada. That was quite a move, with husband and new baby! Then we had jobs working for the Canadian government, travelling across the country - my only regret is that there wasn't more time to explore beautiful places like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Thunder Bay, and then Nova Scotia & Prince Edward island while reporting on government hearings!  Wanderlust took us back to the UK for a year spent in Yorkshire while I did post grad work on my psych degree - a midlife career change! From there, we were off to visit Ireland - a visit that lasted nearly a dozen years, with side trips to France, italy, Spain, Germany.... 

But I knew I was in trouble when I started to miss snow - imagine longing for a blizzard! I must be crazy! So off we came, back to Canada and a pretty house we bought sight-unseen (did I say I was a little crazy?) in a village so small it doesn't have a single traffic light. Here's we're privileged to live among creative and interesting people, surrounded by hauntingly beautiful forests and lakes.

The perfect setting for a writer.  I'm married to a wonderful man and our four children are grown into adults we're proud of with their own lives; but writing has been the other constant in my life. From journalism through to ghostwriting, to novels and non-fiction books to children's books and picture books - I love it all. I even use writing as a therapy technique when working with counseling clients,  and teach creative writing.

Not surprisingly, my books reflect different settings: Judgement By Fire and upcoming novels Killing Maggie & the Gracie Pelham mysteries, are set in Canada; Winters & Somers is full of Irish scenery & humor; and my newest release, Resort to Murder is set in beautiful Yorkshire, England, along with the soon to be released Marrying Money.

Where will the next novel be set? I'm always looking for an excuse to travel, even if it's only in my imagination, and I've got my eye on a spot in southern Italy...(see pic below) but visit my contest page, where I'm offering prizes to readers who suggest the places they consider to be the most romantic in the world..