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This Blog Has Moved!

Posted on September 14, 2014 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Dear Visitors: Lovely to see you again! Please note that I've moved my blog to It's a site I find easier to manage, being techy challenged and all. Hope to see you all there soon! My latest post is about the new Lobster Cove series from The Wild Rose Press, which includes my romantic suspense, Another Man's Son - see the post below for more details on that! Again, thank you for visiting and look forward to chatting with you on the new blog! - best wishes, Glenys

The Shortest Blurb You'll See Today....

Posted on August 21, 2014 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (2)

I am so excited to have a release date for Another Man's Son - my romantic suspense from TWRP. This book is part of the new Lobster Cove multi-genre series and I'm delighted to be a part of this.

So when is this new book to be released, you ask?

August the 25th - why, barely a heartbeat away!

See why I'm so excited? :-)

And here's the blurb for Another Man's Son; you'll agree it's probably the shortest blurb you'll see today. But, as one reader said, it may be short but it says it all!

"Two Lovers Betrayed, A Secret Child, A Kidnapper, And A Man Prepared To Kill To Get What He Wants."

Watch This Space for More!

Cover Reveal: Another Man's Son

Posted on July 11, 2014 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (2)


Isn't this a gorgeous cover for Another Man's Son, my romantic suspense coming soon from TWRP's Lobster Cove series! Many thanks to R.J. and cover artist Tina Lynn Stout.

Why Did The Turtle Cross The Road?

Posted on June 27, 2014 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (1)

    I'm taking a writing topic break to talk about one of my favorite summer time critters. No, not the shirtless construction guys ..................                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ah, here we are, at the end of June. Now every time I’m on the road, my heart will be in overdrive right through until September.

However, you should know that I’m rather fond of my own skin. In fact, I’m a card carrying coward when it comes to physical danger. But every year, from June through September, I’m risking life and limb for a bunch of critters who don’t give, pardon my language, a rat’s ass about me.No, it’s not the school holidays – my days of stretched nerves with four kids running wild are over now.

If you’re a country person, you’ll know it’s turtle time. And that means stopping on all sorts of highways and byways to help a turtle cross the road safely. It’s important that you take them in the direction they’re going, otherwise they’ll turn right around and be back on the road. Most of them will be quite passive, some will wriggle and hiss, others will pee on you (it’s not actually pee, it’s part of the turtle ‘get-your-hands-off-me you-brute’ strategy. But it smells bad, anyway.)

It’s not just country areas, either. Some turtles are sophisticated city dwellers- but not sophisticated enough to manage crossing the roads. Read the story of a turtle that got high profile help in crossing the busy downtown streets of Winnipeg. To quote that old Red Rose tea ad, only in Canada, eh?

Of course, in the height of summer there are lots of busy highways and country roads, and stopping isn’t always that safe. I’m lucky that my DH is a wizard at the quick u-turn and screech back to help a turtle before it gets whacked by an oncoming car. Sometimes it is just a matter of stopping, leaping out and grabbing an unsuspecting turtle and whipping them across to safety on the other side. Other times, it’s blocking the lane with emergency flashers going, and me standing out waving at traffic to stop (and hoping they take me seriously) while he bravely tackles a large, grumpy snapper.

Sometimes we’re too late. Yep, I’m that woman crying her eyes out on the side of the road over the cracked and bleeding body of a turtle. No, I’m not really weird. Also I’m not alone – the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre has a list of over 100 volunteers who act as taxi drivers in relays to get injured turtles from far flung areas in to the Centre in Peterborough.

I love these little critters, from the tiny ones through to the great big, mean as a rattlesnake snappers. That’s me in the pic, with a super-hero of turtle lovers, Kate. Kate is one of the wonderful people who care for injured turtles at the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre, Peterborough, Ontario. Believe me, I’ve seen their work and they have performed what I’d call miracles of healing on these hard shelled creatures.  That’s a problem turtles have – they’re seen as hard shelled but those carapaces aren’t strong enough to withstand even a glancing blow from a 3000 pound plus vehicle, let alone a direct hit or being run over. It can be hard to avoid a turtle meandering across the road, although I think some are following the same evolutionary trail as hedgehogs in Europe – they try to run when they hear a car bearing down on them!

One heartbreaking note is that some brainless weirdos - thankfully few - think it’s actually fun to run right over them deliberately. Sure, it’s not always easy to avoid them and you can’t risk an accident or endangering the lives of people. But turtles are quite old – some species at least 20 years - before they can procreate, so we need them to survive. At the other end of the scale, there are turtles that live to be very old and deserve a chance to enjoy their retirement.

There are many turtle species now on the endangered or watch list – you can read lots about turtles here on the KTTC website. Turtles are also suffering from climate change – extremes of weather can affect the gender of the new babies that are hatching, which means a shortage of guys or gals for the next generation. It also affects their habitat, with wetlands drying up – or being drained for building purposes.

Oh, and that question: Why did the turtle cross the road? The oldest of good reasons – love! They come up out of their ponds and swampy areas looking for a mate, and to find gravel or sandy spots to lay their eggs.


I Love Reviewers With A Sense of Humor

Posted on June 10, 2014 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I hadn 't visited my Goodreads reviews for a while, and I really will be going more often after discovering some new reviews and good ratings for my books! See two for Winters & Somers, newly released by TirGearr Publishing in Ireland.

One in particular stood out - the reviewer, Patty McKenna Van Hulle, said she enjoyed the humor in my Irish romantic suspense/comedy Winters & Somers, but her review was so laced with her own humor that it had me smiling! Take a look:

"This book was so funny and hilarious that I scared my furry grandbaby, Simba, when I was ROFL and hyperventilating and coughing up my spleen! Ciara is such an awesome heroine as a Dublin PI with a kooky and witty voice inside her head. She has these great one liner sayings like, "muffler screamed like an animal in pain" or "Granny would say eat your roughage." Ms. O'Connell wrote such amazing and one of a kind characters, like color horror, Grace, loving, caring and a totally PITA Granny Somers and Ciara's misunderstood paternal grandparents, Margaret and Liam Henley. Jonathan is a NYC cop on writer's holiday and writes these sexy and awarding winning Romance (under another name) books and every female from 14 and up want to jump out of the brushes, kiss him, get an autograph or just chat! He is a fish out of water in Dublin and I could relate because I am a South Dakotan and Dublin is such different, wonderful and awe inspiring place, that Ms. O'Connell makes me wait to visit and maybe live there! The only thing I missed from this original storyline, quack characters, great one liners and HYPERVENTILATING with laughter tale, was more steamy and sexy scenes! This my first Ms. O'Connell book, but not my last! I highly recommend this book to romance readers who love to smile, giggle and YES, hyperventilate with laughter and maybe scare small animals with your coughing/laughing sounds. Winter & Somers gets a score of 4 fingers up and 8 toes!

And here's another review, this time from 'Lara":

This was a very quick and fun romp through Ireland with a hard working girl whose business is not going as planned. Next thing you know she's caught up with an American cop who is a best-selling romance writer with the wrong idea about her. They have plenty of chemistry, great dialogue, she has some funny family and friends, and overall the story reads like a fabulous comedy with a little family drama thrown in for good measure.

Here's a toast to all those readers out there who take the time to post reviews or drop a line to the author after reading a book they have enjoyed!

What's the Strangest Thing You Have You Done for Your Books?

Posted on June 3, 2014 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (2)



June 4th is the rerelease date for Winters & Somers, my Irish romantic comedy featuring Ciara Somers, an aspiring private investigator in Dublin, Ireland, and her nemesis, the very sexy Jonathon Winters. Doing all the preparation and promo for the release, from TirGearr Publishing in Ireland ( got me thinking about all the weird and wonderful things we do as writers to produce our story babies.

People often ask where do you get your story ideas? Well, Winters & Somers sprang from the fact that I was writing a mystery and needed to know about how a private investigator operates. Now at the time we were living near Dublin, and I gritted my teeth and took a course in private investigation. One of the facts I learned was that, at that time, there were NO female PI’s in Eire.

Of course, that pricked my imagination, and Ciara Somers, a sassy young woman determined to be a PI, came to life. Of course, that wasn’t enough – how could she establish herself in a man’s world? Sure, she had one client, an old lady whose beloved cat had gone missing, but that wasn’t REAL PI work. (In case you’re wondering, she did find the old lady’s cat!) Then a straight-laced client came to ask her to find out if her husband was cheating on her (he was) and Ciara had her great idea – she could make a living testing the seducability quotient of men for their insecure partners.

Not that she actually seduced them, a fact that New York Homicide cop Jonathon Winters didn’t grasp when he met – and was fascinated by – this red-haired beauty. Jonathon hid his identity as the author of spicy romance novels so that he could continue the police career he loved. Now with a year’s sabbatical to write his latest book, he was in Ireland….and getting bored. Until he met Ciara and decided to get her off the streets by partnering her in her PI business…

And if you’re wondering, the other mystery that started this never did get finished. Maybe someday. And, while I did take the course, I never did apply for the PI’s license. I’m a writer; I have enough troubles as it is!

You’ll have to read the book to know the rest! But you can read the first chapter by clicking the First Chapters tab above, or at


Naked Writing: The Last Time! Course Price Reduced.

Posted on May 6, 2014 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

             If you've been thinking of taking my Naked Writing: The No Frills Way to Write Your Book course, now is the perfect time to sign up!

In fact, it's your last chance - I've been teaching this course, either in adult classes or online, for the past ten years or so. All good things must come to an end :-)

So I'm offering the five week course for just $50 - a huge reduction from the usual $140!

You could say it's my 'swan song' for working with writers on this particular course :-)

You can see details by clicking the Writing Courses tab above, along with some of the comments former students have made. Or see some of the reviews for the book of the same name, here. You get the information from my book of the same name as the course, plus I'll work with you every step of the way towards mastering the basics of your novel and getting the writing underway.

We talk about everything from plotting to dialogue to settings, to characterization and motivation and lots in between.  And hopefully, have some fun as we go along! 

Contact me at [email protected] or through the Contact Me  button at the top of the page, if you'd like to enroll or have any questions.

Meanwhile, Happy Monday, everyone!

What Is Your Success?

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    What does success mean to you? Is it wealth, poer, influence? Or is it about a sense of fulfillment, content, or sending a message you hope will help someone? I'm blogging about success over at the Roses of Prose blog - today - come and visit and leave a comment. Have you tried one of those many schemes advertised on the Internet that promise overnight success? Come over to that blog and tell your fellow readers all about your experience!

Why I Hate Perfect People (in Books)

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Maybe it’s the bitch in me, but I hate reading books where the hero and heroine are perfectly good and the villain is completely bad to the bone. In fact, there seems to be a positive epidemic of this going on at the moment – maybe it’s in reaction to the stroppy heroines of chick-lit, maybe it’s because the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket and people are searching for absolutes.

Whatever is causing this need for perfectly identifiable goodies and baddies, I wish it would stop before I find myself throwing yet another book across the room in disgust. This is a very bad practice, especially for someone reading on her tablet….We all have little (or big) flaws. When I come across a heroine who is so lovely she never thinks a mean thought, never challenges anyone else, never has a bad hair day, never is without a winsome smile and a plate of homemade cookies, well – immediate turn off.                 


Heroes written to be so, well, heroic – no thanks. Those big, strong, silent types, wonderfully patient and indulgent to the heroine, selfless, manly, broad chested, and completely fart-free – I ask you, who could possibly stay in love with  Mr. Perfect?                                

Then there are the totally mean, verging on positively psycho villains. Most of whose behaviour is clinically psychotic. No matter what you might think from television, there aren’t that many nutzoids running around – the highest figure is probably one in a hundred. Not every fictional villain can be one. And all this with no hint as to why they behave this way. Believe it or not, even psychopaths can demonstrate a reason for the terrible things they do. At least in their way of thinking, their actions are rational, even if the rest of the ‘normal’ world thinks them total fruitloops. Usually, too, there is something in their backgrounds that triggers the behavior, whatever side of the nature/nurture debate you might be on. It would be nice if this was hinted at in the stories.

You see, these characters are just not real. Sure, we want larger than life characters in our novels, but they also need to be people we can identify with. People we can understand. People who don’t make us feel so inferior because we do have bad hair days, don’t bake cookies and sometimes cuss a little…

I spent years covering the criminal courts and the crime beat as a journalist, and then worked as a counsellor, so I say this with some measure of authority: The truth is no-one is all bad or all good. So why should we write about perfect people?

Please, please can we have heroes and heroines with flaws? Villains with a touch of humanity? I’m not asking for every story to be as boring as the real life we’re often reading to escape from, but give me real characters, people I can like or at least understand why I hate them.

Okay, putting away my soapbox now. Thanks for listening!


My Valentine's Gift to You - Marrying Money Free on Kindle!

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Yes, it’s true! – My Valentine’s gift to you, my dear Readers: A free download of Marrying Money: Lady Diana’s Story, on Kindle!

Marrying Money is a romantic comedy set in England and Ireland, starring Lady Diana Ashburnham, a down-on-her-heels aristocrat who needs to find a rich husband to save her 500 year old estate from being sold to the highest bidder. And she’s heard that Ireland’s awash in wealthy bachelors who’d love an English title, so…..

  Here’s the blurb:

Diana, Lady Ashburnham, needs to find a rich husband, and fast.

She's the last of an aristocratic line stretching back 500 years, and she's broke. The family fortunes have been eaten up by the crumbling mansion and impoverished estate. Not wanting to be known as the 'Ashburnham Who Lost The Lot', she refuses to sell off heirloom jewellery or let the estate be auctioned off to a millionaire or heavy metal rock star.

That's when Diana has her Great Idea – she'll follow a new take on the way her ancestors raised money – by marrying money!

So Diana corals her best friend, commoner Sally Barnes, into joining her on a trip to Ireland to try to net a – preferably titled – millionaire. After all, with the Celtic Tiger economic boom, Ireland is supposed to be awash with wealthy guys. As she tells Sally, Ashburnham ancestors plundered Ireland with Cromwell, so why shouldn’t Diana do a bit of plundering there herself?

Sally, very much a common commoner from a council house, reluctantly agrees to the trip.

They hook up with Diana's very pretentious but untitled cousin, Mairead, who married money herself – a wealthy 'paper products' entrepreneur. His line of work has led to many rude family jokes, but Diana has to admit that Mairead had landed herself in the lap of luxury with her marriage choices.

It looks like Diana isn’t going to be so lucky. Not only do the very valuable Ashburnham Emeralds disappear at the Galway Races, where Sally, not Diana, is chosen the winner of the Ladies' Day Prize, but there seems a huge shortage of titled wealthy young men who would be willing to fork out the millions required to keep Alexandria House, the Ashburnham estate, and Diana all in the style to which they want to become accustomed.......

Check it out and get your free download from February 14 to February 17 at:

UK - " target="_blank">

USA - " target="_blank">

Germany - " target="_blank">

Australia -" target="_blank">

Canada -" target="_blank">                                                

Or Read the first chapter here!

Thank you! Enjoy Lady Diana's husband hunting, and Happy Valentine's Day!